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Orthodontic Treatments by Your Orthodontists and Dentists in Woodbridge

Orthodontists are trained and certified professionals who focus on diagnosing and treating the common problem of crooked teeth. When most people think of orthodontists, they think of braces. That is because installing and taking off braces is an orthodontist’s primary procedure.

Orthodontists across the country have a tough, but important job of ensuring that individuals maintain straight teeth, a factor that is so important to the oral health and appearance of your smile. Call us today and we can help find an orthodontist that will fit your specific needs.

The Taheri Dental Group is proud to serve patients in the Northern Virginia region with offices in Manassas and Woodbridge.

If you’re looking for orthodontics in Woodbridge VA or Manassas VA, feel free to use our form to the right to request an appointment or contact the office closest to you by clicking here.

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