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Taheri Dental Group: Manassas VA Location

Welcome to the Manassas office page for the Taheri Dental Group. The Taheri Dental Group is a multiple location dental practice serving the North Eastern Virginia region with locations in Manassas and Woodbridge. Dr. Bruce Taheri, along with several other dentists including, Dr. Mojgan Jamali, Dr. Ema Chohan, Dr. Anishka Brown, Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, Dr. Georges Traboulsi, and Dr. Shiva Kermanshi all do an amazing job to transform smiles every day. Our dentists keep up with the latest techniques and our office is equipped with the latest dental technology. We pride ourselves on giving patient care that we believe is unmatched service.

At the we understand many people are nervous or anxious about their appointments. Our friendly staff works hard to make you feel at home, relaxed and comfortable. Our goal is the same as yours, creating a beautiful smile full of healthy teeth in a caring and compassionate way. If you need additional help relaxing, we offer sedation dentistry.

We provide a wide variety of dental services. In addition to routine hygiene visits that are design to keep your teeth and gums healthy, we can help with toothaches, dentures, tooth whitening services, dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry needs such as veneers and Invisalign to give you the straight and aligned teeth you always wanted. You will see a comprehensive list below of all the dental services we provide at Taheri Dental Group.

Dental Services

One of the things that sets the Taheri Dental Group apart is the wide variety of dental services provided by our large group of dentists. This is part of what makes us the best dental group in Prince William County. We have the skills and specialties to handle every procedure your family could need.

List of Dental Services

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Oral Sedation Dentistry

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Teeth Whitening for Life

  • Veneers

  • Implants

  • Teeth in a Day

  • Tooth Bonding

  • White fillings

  • Invisalign Teeth Straightening

  • Endontics

  • Root Canals

  • Bridges

  • Crowns

  • General Hygiene

  • Peridontal Health

  • Dentures

  • Tooth Extractions

  • Inlays & Onlays

  • Crown Lengthening

  • Post-Op Procedure Instructions

New Patient Info

We are accepting new patients at our Manassas location. The best way to reach us to schedule an appointment is to call (703) 330-5578. You can also request an appointment online using our form on the right side of our patient information page.

To make the process easier for your first dental appointment, we provide a new patient packet online, which can be downloaded and filled out prior to your appointment.

We take privacy seriously and you can learn more about our patient privacy policy here.

What to Expect

Our practice in Manassas provides a state of the art facility which allows us to provide the highest quality dental care for our patients. Our patient experience is important to us and is a top priority as we provide dental services to keep you smile and teeth healthy.

Office Pictures

Office Hours

Monday: 7AM – 4PM
Tuesday: 7AM – 4PM
Wednesday: 7AM – 4PM
Thursday: 7AM – 4PM
Friday: 7AM – 12PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Office Location

Our office is located on Crestwood Drive in Manassas, which runs between Ashton Ave and Sudley Rd in Manassas. We are close to many shopping centers such as Costco Wholesale just to our North, Westgate Plaza and Portsmouth Station just to our east, Massassas Mall and Walmart Supercenter are just to our south. To our west is a large residential area such as Ravens Crest Apartments, TGM Sudley Crossing, and Rosemont-Lewis Regional Park. You can find out more about our Manassas community here.


Address and Contact Information

Taheri Dental Group
10630 Crestwood Dr
Manassas, VA 20109

Phone: (703) 330-5578


Driving Directions


Ashburn, VA to Taheri Dental Group
Get on VA-28 S/Sully Rd in Dulles from State Rte 640 and VA-625 E
10 min (5.0 mi)

Head south on State Rte 641 toward State Rte 642
1.2 mi

Turn left onto State Rte 640
1.3 mi

Continue onto VA-625 E
1.8 mi

Use the right 2 lanes to take the ramp to VA-28 S/Dulles Airport
0.7 mi
Follow VA-28 S/Sully Rd and I-66 W to VA-234 BUS S/Sudley Rd in Gainesville. Take exit 47A from I-66 W
17 min (16.9 mi)

Merge onto VA-28 S/Sully Rd
10.6 mi

Use the right lane to take the Interstate 66 W ramp to Front Royal
0.3 mi

Merge onto I-66 W
5.7 mi

Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 47A to merge onto VA-234 BUS S/Sudley Rd toward Manassas
0.2 mi
Follow VA-234 BUS S/Sudley Rd to Crestwood Dr in Bull Run
7 min (1.8 mi)

Merge onto VA-234 BUS S/Sudley Rd
1.7 mi

Turn right onto Crestwood Dr
Destination will be on the right
0.1 mi
Taheri Dental Group
10630 Crestwood Dr, Manassas, VA 20109


Springfield, VA to Taheri Dental Group

Get on I-495 N
6 min (2.4 mi)

Head east on Floyd Ave toward Backlick Rd
0.2 mi

Turn right onto Essex Ave
394 ft

Turn left onto Brandon Ave
0.4 mi

Turn left onto Commerce St
0.2 mi

Turn left onto the Interstate 495 N ramp to Tysons Corner
1.5 mi
Follow 495 Express Lanes/Capital Beltway Inner Loop/Interstate 495 High Occupancy Toll and I-66 W to VA-234 BUS S/Sudley Rd in Gainesville. Take exit 47A from I-66 W
24 min (24.8 mi)

Merge onto I-495 N
1.1 mi

Keep left at the fork to continue on 495 Express Lanes/Capital Beltway Inner Loop/Interstate 495 High Occupancy Toll
Toll road
5.5 mi

Use the left lane to take the Interstate 66 W exit toward Vienna/Front Royal
Toll road
0.7 mi

Merge onto I-66 W
17.2 mi

Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 47A to merge onto VA-234 BUS S/Sudley Rd toward Manassas
0.2 mi
Follow VA-234 BUS S/Sudley Rd to Crestwood Dr in Bull Run
7 min (1.8 mi)

Merge onto VA-234 BUS S/Sudley Rd
1.7 mi

Turn right onto Crestwood Dr
Destination will be on the right
0.1 mi
Taheri Dental Group
10630 Crestwood Dr, Manassas, VA 20109


Manassas Regional Airport to Taheri Dental Group

Manassas Regional Airport
10600 Harry J Parrish Blvd, Manassas, VA 20110

Head northwest on Wakeman Dr toward Harry J Parrish Blvd
0.7 mi

Continue onto Gateway Blvd
0.8 mi

Turn left onto Godwin Dr
1.4 mi

Turn left onto Wellington Rd
0.2 mi

Turn right onto Rixlew Ln
0.5 mi

Turn left onto Ashton Ave
0.9 mi

Turn right onto Crestwood Dr
Destination will be on the left
0.2 mi

Taheri Dental Group
10630 Crestwood Dr, Manassas, VA 20109


Wellington, VA 20109 to Taheri Dental Group

Wellington, Virginia 20109
Take Randolph Ridge Ln to Balls Ford Rd
1 min (0.2 mi)

Head southwest
30 ft

Turn left toward Randolph Ridge Ln
394 ft

Turn right onto Randolph Ridge Ln
0.1 mi
Take VA-234 S and Sudley Manor Dr to Crestwood Dr in Bull Run
8 min (3.9 mi)

Turn left onto Balls Ford Rd
0.2 mi

Turn right onto VA-234 S
1.9 mi

Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Sudley Manor Dr
1.4 mi

Slight right toward Ashton Ave
226 ft

Slight right onto Ashton Ave
0.4 mi

Turn left onto Crestwood Dr
Destination will be on the left
40 s (0.2 mi)

Taheri Dental Group
10630 Crestwood Dr, Manassas, VA 20109


Dental Services Details

Below is a detailed description of the dental services we provide at the Taheri Dental Group in Manassas.

General Dentistry

General dentistry, which is also commonly referred to as preventative dentistry, has to do with routine oral care for your teeth and gums. This is the first line of defense in making sure you maintain your beautiful and healthy smile. We follow the American Dental Association recommendation of two routine dental checkups per year. During these dentist appointments, you should receive either a routine cleaning or deep cleaning of your teeth to eliminate plaque buildup and prevent tooth decay from occurring. If it is deemed appropriate we can coat your teeth with a fluoride treatment to prevent decay as well. These routine dental checkups help us to not only prevent more serious issues, but also help us detect oral heath problems in the early stage with the initial onset of symptoms.

Dental X-rays are also common from time to time to help detect tooth and jaw issues as well as cavities. By addressing cavities early on, they can be treated with a simple dental filling before it develops into a more serious issue that might require a root canal or crown. Routine cleanings also give us the opportunity to look for any signs of oral cancer.

Scaling & Root Planing as Part of Your Care

This non-surgical procedure is used to remove plaque and tartar from below the gum line and allows the root surfaces to be cleaned and smoothed with a special dental instrument. Removing this plaque and tartar makes it more difficult for bacterial toxins to form, which irritate the gums.

Periodontal Dentistry and Gum Disease

Periodontics is a dental specialty that is all about the treatment of gum tissue in your mouth, which supports your teeth. Periodontal disease which is commonly referred to as gum disease, is an infection of the bone and gums that support your teeth. A large percentage of the adult population has some sort of gum disease. So how does this happen? Bacteria can cause inflammation which can destroy the fibers that connect your teeth to your bones. The older we get, we become more susceptible to periodontal disease as bacteria settles into our periodontal pockets. Periodontal treatment help keep you teeth from becoming too lose to support your teeth, which can be painful and eventually cause tooth loss.

Why you should be concerned about your gums and periodontal health

When it comes to your gums and teeth, it affects much more than just your oral health. When periodontal or gum disease gets worse, it increases your risk for much more serious health effects for your whole body. Stroke, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis, among other risks are all increased with gum disease. Proper dental care helps reduce the risk associated with periodontal problems.

It all starts with gingivitis which is an early stage of gum disease where they become swollen, tender, and are more susceptible to bleeding. Routine dental care and dentist appointments for general dental hygiene and cleanings are often enough to eliminate gingivitis.

Moderate & advanced periodontitis

As gum disease progresses, the gums will begin to deteriorate and gum pockets allow plaque to build up below the gum line. As a result the tooth roots become susceptible to increased decay. At an advanced stage you run the risk of bone loss and teeth become loose. If this happens the tooth may need to be extracted and causes issues with everyday functions such as biting and chewing. Tissue grafting for your gums may become necessary to cover sensitive root exposures.

Good Dental Health

It starts with dental exams

A crucial part of our dental exams is understanding our patients goals. While we have a great depth of understanding regarding total dental care, we never want to minimize patient concerns or over look specific problems you would like to have addressed. All our dentists seek to address your specific concerns and discuss this with you. We will examine all the different areas of your mouth and take X-rays if appropriate. This gives us a complete picture of your oral heath and dentistry needs. At the Taheri Dental Group, we will address your concerns for esthetic and cosmetic dentistry. We understand our patients want to have great looking smiles and is important to feel good about the way your teeth look and make you feel. We will look at your teeth and gums (the hard and soft tissues of your mouth) to see if there are any concerns with orthodontic needs to straighten or align the teeth.

Oral cancer concerns

While a beautiful smile is important, your oral health goes beyond looking and feeling good. Oral cancer is a real concern and during the dental exam, your doctor will check the soft tissue in your mouth for lumps, red or white patches or ongoing sore areas. This type of screening for changes in the oral tissue help detect oral cancer in the early stages which makes treatment more successful. Avoiding smoking and heavy drinking will also reduce your risks for oral cancer.

Get Professional Teeth Cleanings

Good oral hygiene is the basis of a good dental treatment plan. Emphasizing a thorough and detailed cleaning will help you achieve your dental goals and keep a great smile for years to come. All our patients are unique and have different needs. You may only require a simple cleaning and polishing, while others may require root planing and scaling. Whatever your needs, we address them for you at Taheri Dental Group in Manassas.

Dental technology for diagnostics and X-rays

The Taheri Dental Group uses the latest digital technology for our dental X-rays. We have everything we need for intra oral X-rays and extra oral X-rays to give us a full panoramic and cephalometric images of your oral cavity. In the event a patient needs dental implants, often times a CAT scan will be required which we will refer to a local provider in Manassas. These CAT scans are crucial for computer guided software in pre-planning the implant treatment and exact path.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Ceramic Crowns

Often times ceramic crowns are your best choice, but understand they come at a cost. Dental crowns are used to cap or completely cover the tooth that is being restored. Your teeth are naturally translucent and all ceramic crowns are the only type of crown that will reflect that natural translucence. Porcelain crowns, which are also commonly used, tend to be fused to metal which makes it impossible to give that translucent and natural look.

Are there any disadvantages to ceramic crowns?

One of the disadvantages you should be aware of is that all ceramic crowns are not as strong as a porcelain crown which is fused to metal. All ceramic crowns must be bonded to the existing tooth. With that being said, ceramic crowns are sometimes strengthened with material such as zirconium, which is also translucent in nature.

We offers several great options for dental implants and dental crowns. Please call our Manassas office at (703) 330-5578 to schedule an appointment so we can review your options with you.

Dental bonding and Veneers for a natural looking smile

A common theme with many of our patients is the desire to have a great, natural looking smile. Oftentimes the solution to this is cosmetic bonding and/or dental veneers. We us a natural colored composite resin for the filling material to make the bonding blend in with your natural teeth.

If you have visible defects on the surface of your teeth, bonding and veneers can be used to improve the look and feel, including gaps, chipped teeth, decay or stains. The composite resin used for dental bonding is applied to the front surface of the tooth. Sometimes this is referred to as an inlay or onlay, which are made from porcelain. After a thorough examination by the doctor, we can discuss and help you choose the best filling material specific to your oral needs and cosmetic desires. While composite resin dental bonding is less expensive than other cosmetic dentistry options, there are few disadvantages such as the tendency to develop stains over time and overall are not as durable and strong as other options.

Dental crowns

There are several different types of dental crowns, such as gold, ceramic, and ceramic veneered, but they all serve the same purpose, which is to cap or cover teeth that are damaged beyond normal corrective procedures such as fillings or veneers. Crowns are designed to not only restore the strength but also the appeal and beauty of your smile. Gold and other metal based crowns are typically used to cap molars because they are very durable and can withstand the pressures from chewing and grinding.

Porcelain crown material options

Porcelain dental caps and crowns come in two basic forms: feldspathic and pressed ceramic. While pressed ceramic is newer, feldpathic porcelain has been around more than a couple decades. To give a nature look to the crown, so it will match closely to the surrounding teeth, opaque and stain are applied to the surface of the porcelain. An all ceramic crown, while more expensive, is almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Dental crowns with gold

Crowns made with gold are very easy to work with and as a result, it can be made with a very precise fit. Another benefit is they are very durable and will not chip or crack as a porcelain crown might. The downside to gold crowns is the appearance not being a natural look to match your existing teeth.

Sleep Apnea Treatments

If you suffer from sleep apnea, our doctors can help. Commonly know as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) that causes the soft tissue to collapse and block the airway. Click here to learn more about our sleep apnea treatment.