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Taking your child to the dentist is just as important as regular visits to the pediatrician. Our dentists specialize in caring for our youngest patients. Whether your child is an infant or a teenager, our childrens dentist is here to help keep your child’s smile bright and healthy.

What Does Kids Dental Care Involve?

Dentistry for children is our specialty and our passion. Our knowledgeable and patient children’s dentist will examine your child’s teeth and give you helpful tips for practicing good dental habits at home. Your comfort and the comfort of your child is paramount to us, so our team is always patiently skilled and compassionate.

When should I start taking my baby to a children’s dentist near me?

Take the advice of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. The organization recommends that your child visit a children’s dentist before your child’s first birthday. Even baby teeth can acquire cavities, and as soon as your baby has two teeth come in next to each other, it’s time to start flossing those teeth. Our children’s dentist can teach you to care for your baby’s teeth, so call us today for an appointment.

What Should I Expect At My Child’s Dental Visit?

First, our kid’s dentist will examine your child’s teeth and jaw, looking for issues such as decay, plaque buildup, and jaw misalignment. During this exam, your child can sit in the dental chair or on your lap. Occasionally, your dentist may need to take an x-ray of your child’s teeth.

Some of the other ways we keep your child’s teeth healthy include:

Teeth Cleaning for Children

Our dentist and hygienist help put kids at ease during their regular children’s teeth cleanings.


Topical fluoride applications help strengthen tooth enamel so it can resist decay. If you have questions about fluoride treatment for children, give us a call.

Dental Sealants

A sealant for kids teeth is painted on the chewing surface of back teeth, where food can become trapped and cause cavities. The sealant shields against decay and cavities.


Even toddlers can develop cavities. If your toddler or child has a cavity, our dentist will remove the decay and repair the tooth with an amalgam or tooth-colored filling.

Pediatric Crowns

Sometimes, our dentist will recommend crowning baby teeth to repair extensive cavities or complete root canal procedures. Pediatric crowns are tooth-colored to blend in with your child’s teeth.


Children’s mouthguards help protect teeth from damage during sports such as football, hockey and ice skating, and they’re recommended by the American Dental Association. They can also prevent damage caused by kids grinding teeth during sleep. If your child needs a mouthguard, call us to schedule an appointment with our children’s dentist in Northern Virginia.

When Should I Expect to See Baby Teeth Coming In?

Your baby is unique and can start crowning their teeth by four months of age. Some babies may not start getting teeth until six or seven months of age, so talk to your dentist or pediatrician about teething.

When Will My Child Start to Lose Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth begin to fall out at about age 6, and the process is usually complete by age 12. The first baby teeth to fall out are usually the central incisors.

Why Does My Child Have a Toothache?

Cavities, tooth decay and even plaque buildup can cause your child to experience a toothache. If your child is teething or has food stuck between their teeth, a toothache may also be the result.


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