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Ask What Your Cleaning Can Do For You

Woodbridge VA Dentist on the Power of a Good Cleaning

As the top Woodbridge VA dentists, Dr. Taheri and our entire staff offer our patients the best of general, cosmetic and advanced dental procedures on a daily basis. One of the most crucial of these treatments that we offer has to be dental cleanings. These cleanings, which we recommend at least once every 6 months, are crucial not only to oral health but the health of your whole body! See what your cleaning can do for you by reviewing the following information!

Dental Cleanings Can:

Improve the scent of your breath

The delicious foods we eat can cause our breath to become pungent not only directly after a meal, but down the line as well. With regular dental cleanings, we can remove any lingering or stuck particles between the teeth or in those “hard to reach areas” that your normal brushing and flossing might not resolve properly. With these leftovers gone- you can enjoy fresh breath once again!

Keep your teeth white

Over time, our diets and age can impact the discoloration of our teeth. Food and beverages, including coffee, tea and much more can cause the teeth to shift shades- but dental cleanings can remove any built-up stains on the surface of the teeth. Get a dental cleaning to keep those pearly whites shining for years to come!

Save you time and money

By keeping up with your twice yearly cleanings, we can also identify any potential problems that might be in their early stages. Disease, decay and more are always easier to treat before they have progressed- so allow for your cleaning and exam to save you the time and money involved in some more extensive restorative procedures down the line.   To schedule your next appointment with the top Woodbridge VA dentists, call the office of Taheri Dental Group today at (703) 330-5578.

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