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Are People Without Wisdom Teeth Highly Evolved?

wisdom teeth evolutionSome of the older readers of this article will read and may remember the days when they attempted to strike up a conversation with the opposite sex and casually ask: “Hey, babe! What’s your sign?” Basically meaning the date of your birth giving you the right to pry into their personal lives. Today, if you’re stuck at a boring party with nothing to talk about, you might mention that you’re planning to have your wisdom teeth taken out. On the other hand the very mention of those teeth could possibly start a war of words; ergo, proving that wisdom teeth oral surgery was indeed the worst experience of all time – except perhaps birth and a kidney stone.

Wisdom Teeth AKA, Your Third Molar!

This mutation regarding the formation of wisdom teeth dates back to around 300,000 to 450,000 years ago – yikes! This breaks down to nearly 25 percent of Americans with European ancestry, 12 percent of Americans with African ancestry and over 40 percent of Americans with Asian ancestry. And strangely enough, Asians do not have wisdom teeth to contend with. That said, it works this way, folks on the possibility that evolvement does, in fact, have something to do with that conundrum and here’s why! There is an “overlap” between the jaw size and brain size. As the jaw sizes shrank, your brain size was able to grow exponentially. The theory being that all of us had a mutation in the “genes” which control the jaw size reducing the jaw’s ability to grow larger and stronger. This allowed increased space for the size of your head to grow since it was not impeded by bulky jaw bone muscles.

Highly Evolved? Could The Answer Be In Your Wrist?

Your third molars seem to have a nasty habit of becoming “impacted.” To make that statement more clearly, adapting a weird angle or location in your mouth. This can present the opportunity for pain and infection. Sitting way back in your mouth they are many times hard to clean properly. So the question before the house of common sense is: “Do we really need wisdom teeth?” “Why do they come in at all?” “Is it possible they may eventually disappear altogether?” If you like tests, in a recent test at a college in the Midwest, a group of medical friends were asked to put their wrists out to see who was more “highly evolved.” The story goes that man who is currently evolving should have one “one” tendon on the wrist, not two.

Truth or Fiction?

Of course no person can predict evolutionary changes since evolution doesn’t have a goal. However, here are some educated trends:

  • Humans of the future may have less hair.
  • Future humans may be more resistant to heart disease and diabetes.
  • Future humans may be physically weaker.

If you have wisdom teeth, sorry that they were impacted. For those of you who don’t have them, either you’re “highly evolved” or just a lucky duck!

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