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Why We Smile

Your Woodbridge VA Dentist Wants To See You Smile!

Your dentist in Woodbridge VA Dr. Taheri isn’t the only one who loves to see you smile and be healthy… the world does too. The reason we work so hard, day in and day out, to help restore and maintain your oral health is so that you can share that with the world. We know how a smile can not only make you look good but feel good too- and how much of an impact it can have. Have you ever stopped to just think about the power of a smile? Review some of the reasons why we think it is always best to be smiling below and let us know your favorite reason to smile at your next visit!

It Looks (and feels) So Good

As mentioned above, you always look your best when you smile. Genuine smiling (opposed to those fake smiles you put on for family photos) can actually make you look younger because it works out certain muscles in the face that battle crow’s feet and wrinkles. Smiling can make you look, on average, five years younger- and who wouldn’t want that! Not to mention- smiling also releases “feel good” endorphins and hormones into your body that help fight sickness, depression, and pain. With all of these benefits- it is no secret why it is often said that “laughter is the best medicine.”

Signals Sent Straight

Smiling often can say the things we may not be able to say. Who hasn’t shot a smile at someone who made them blush…or smiled nervously when asked to do something in front of the class? Smiling is a great social indicator that can allow for empathy and a shared experience. Try giving the person interviewing you for a job a big smile and huge handshake to instill confidence, or that lovely someone at the end of the bar a great smile before sparking up a conversation.

Pay it Forward

It is a giant cliché, but we will say it anyway- smiling is contagious. Studies have shown that for every person you smile at, 50% will smile back or go on to smile at someone else. Feel good knowing you have passed on all of the above advantages to someone new by just showing off your gorgeous smile. Make your smile shine its brightest with the help of your dentist in Woodbridge VA. Call today to schedule your next appointment at (703) 583-2800.

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