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Spooky Halloween Smiles

Keep Your Smile Looking Less-Spooky This Oct. 31st

Is having National Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween within the same month some kind of cruel joke? You have to wonder if juxtaposing amazing at-home oral health tips with bountiful candy to be eaten is a terrible idea, or actually a great learning experience. Your Woodbridge VA dentist Dr. Taheri thinks the latter of these two. What better time to teach about proper care at a time when it may be needed the most?! Today we decided to skip some of the tips that would be more related to NDHM and wanted to focus on Halloween tips exclusively. We believe there is a way you can “have your cake and eat it too” when it comes to this month, and below are some alternate ways to think about your candy consumption that may be coming up!


When companies sell 100 count bags of your favorite candy for $5, it can be hard not to want to binge. Unfortunately, binging can be damaging in two different ways. The first, the all at one approach. Eating 10 pieces of your favorite candy in a short period of time- obviously not a great idea. Try to limit your sweet session to one or two pieces a day, if at all possible. Secondly, elongating this process isn’t always better either. Having one candy every half hour during your work day can actually be worse than the previous method. This allows sugar to sit on your teeth for a longer period of time, leading to more potential for damage overall.


There is, in fact, some candy that is better for you than others when it comes to dental health. Sticky candy is the absolute worst. It can get stuck between the teeth easier, allowing for candy to sit on the enamel for longer, even after the food has been eaten. Try replacing your taffy and other sticky ones with chocolate instead! For more tips on keeping your smile healthy this trick-or-treating season, call your Woodbridge VA dentist Dr. Taheri today at (703) 330-5578. Happy Halloween from our family to yours!

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