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10 Myths and Facts about Root Canals

root canal myths

Most people are recommended to get a root canal at some point in their life. You’ll usually be able to know that you need a root canal through a general check-up performed by your dentist. However, if you’ve gotten to the point where you’re experiencing severe dental pain before vising your professional, the problem has likely worsened. Either way, when getting the root canal procedure done, there are a number of useful things that are worth knowing. By understanding the following myths and facts, you can be better prepared and ready for the treatment.

Myth: You’ll Feel Pain during Treatment

Many people go into a root canal procedure believing that an extreme level of pain is involved. The truth is, a root canal is a treatment that is aimed at correcting the pain, not exacerbating it. By undergoing a root canal, you may feel some sensitivity at first, but this quickly wears away because the root of the tooth is essentially cleaned out.

Myth: You Can Become Ill from Root Canal Treatment

Another misconception is that a root canal can cause you to become ill. In this case, this is very rare and only occurs if you choose a dentist that is not licensed or equipped for the job.

Myth: You Should Pull the Tooth Out Instead

Many dentists recommend a number of dental procedures, but tooth extraction is not one of them. A tooth extraction is the most extreme way to remedy a problem and it should only be undertaken if there are no other options. A root canal is safer, cleaner, and it allows you to retain your tooth.

Myth: Your Teeth Will be Sensitive after the Root Canal

As mentioned above, the root canal is a procedure that clears away the root of your tooth. As a result, you should not feel any sensitivity in the area afterwards.

Myth: Multiple Visits are Necessary

In some cases, the dentist will need to two separate appointments to complete the root canal. However, in the majority of situations, one is completely sufficient.

Fact: Root Canals are Imperative

A lot of people avoid root canals because they think they are not necessary. To the contrary, getting a root canal is necessary because it remedies your extreme pain and it also prevents other teeth from getting infected.

Fact: Your Tooth is Still Alive

Just because the root of your tooth is cleared away and filled does not mean that you won’t feel anything. Those who undergo root canals still have a fully functioning and sensitive tooth.

Fact: Root Canals are Effective

Root canals are always effective when done properly because you will not feel any of the same symptoms or experience the same issues that you had before the procedure. With a root canal, your tooth will be as good as new.

Fact: Crowns are Helpful

A crown is a covering for the tooth that is usually placed when one has a serious cavity. In terms of root canal procedures, crowns are useful because they strengthen the tooth and prevent future problems.

Fact: Your Dental Health will improve

Finally, those who undergo root canals can expect improved dental health. The treated area will not be infected and other areas of the mouth will remain safe and stable.

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