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Reducing Dental Rumors

Dentist in Woodbridge VA Ends Dental Myths

On a daily basis your dentist in Woodbridge VA, Dr. Taheri, answers patient questions in order to help solve common dental problems. And ever since the internet rose to prominence as a source of information, even of the medical variety, patients will self-diagnose and read unsubstantiated rumors and take them as truth. Below we have addressed two common dental rumors that we hear various questions about frequently and wanted to help straighten out for you today.

Is drinking diet soda better for me than regular?

As humans, logic often tells us that if something is NOT bad, then it must be good…right? Not always. Just because diet soda does not contain the harmful sugars of regular soda, it still has a very high acid level that can harm the teeth. By drinking diet sodas, over time the acid can wear away the enamel, leading to decay, teeth sensitivity, discoloration and worse. The next time you need a sweet beverage, try a glass of water with a twist of lemon or cucumber instead.

Should I stop brushing or flossing when my gums bleed?

Seeing blood when you brush your teeth can definitely be a cause for concern. It is one of the number one reasons patients call us for an appointment, but can be very avoidable. Instinct often tells us not to agitate an area if it is bleeding, but that is often what must be done in the case of bleeding gums. While some cases can be due to vitamin deficiencies or other diseases, most bleeding gums cases occur due to a patient not flossing or brushing enough or properly. The only way to beat the bleeding is to keep going and/or to improve your regimen with our help! For more information on how Dr. Taheri can help you reduce dental rumors and improve oral health– call our office today at (703) 583-2800!

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