The Dental Glossary

Woodbridge VA Dentist on Dental Definition

Patient education is an essential pillar of your treatment as far as your Woodbridge VA dentist is concerned. Whether that means discussing why we are performing a treatment for you in-office or going over some of the dental terminologies we use, we always try to be as clear, concise and detailed as we can…without being overwhelming.

Let’s face it- we have all heard someone use a professional term specific to their field and either gone “huh” or just pretended we knew what they meant for the sake of the conversation. And while we would never include some “technical” or “highbrow” dental words into conversations to make you feel uncomfortable- we do recognize that it can happen from time to time. We also realize that no matter the amount of time we spend educating you in our office, you didn’t go to school for dentistry- we did- and ultimately, you may not really even care!

You just want answers- and that is more than understandable. Why is “prophylaxis” occurring, couldn’t a cleaning suffice? Your Woodbridge VA dentist asks that if any terms get away from us that you don’t understand- that you ask for clarification. We also understand that some patients may not feel comfortable questioning these terms in a public setting. For that very reason, we have provided you with an online Dental Glossary so you can catch up on some terminology: Click Here for More.

Whether or not you know your “endodontist” from your “periodontist”- you should still call your Woodbridge VA dentist at Taheri Dental Group for an appointment today! We can be reached at (703) 583-2800.