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Protect Teeth with Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are popularly used for sports, protecting a person’s teeth from any potential dental trauma. Whether it’s young children or professional athletes, dental accidents can happen at any age. They can happen to anybody too, so your dentist in Manassas VA wants to share how helpful mouth guards can be in certain occasions.

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National Nutrition Month

With the month of March almost upon us, it’s time to start eating right! While there’s no perfect time, it’s important for all patients to know how your diets affect the status of your teeth, as well. March is National Nutrition Month, where the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics asks if everyone can pay special attention to what we’re actually…

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Avoid Your Toothaches

Having a toothache is mostly seen as an annoyance, but it goes much further than that. When a patient is experiencing a toothache, they’re more likely to ignore the pain and wait until it passes. This pain can be mild or severe, but it is still ignored and your Woodbridge dentist wants to explain to patients why addressing any sores,…

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National Children’s Dental Health Month

In just a few days when February graces us with its presence, it will mark the 75th anniversary of the ADA’s National Children’s Dental Health Month! With your 20109 dentist’s dedication to oral health care for patients of all ages, today we wanted to share with you the new poster promoting the upcoming month- as well as to supply our readers…

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The Heart and Gum Health Connection

For years, doctors like your cosmetic dentist in Manassas VA have been telling patients to always brush twice and floss their teeth daily. Not only does a daily oral health regimen like this help in preventing oral health detriments such as plaque and tartar, but it can also prevent some greater whole-body-health issues as well. What types of issues could link…

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History of Your Smile

The status of your smile holds a lot of history. Dental care goes further back in time to the Ancient Origins, where the first issues like tooth decay was recorded. Fast-forwarding to the present, protecting your oral care from decay and erosion is simple; having a healthy diet and remembering to brush your teeth twice a day are the major…

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Dental Difficulties on the Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner and everybody is in the holiday spirit! This includes indulging in delicious, wonderful treats that you may not have had a chance to enjoy before. There are some exclusive holiday candies, cakes and more that are calling for your sweet tooth! Unfortunately, overindulging during this time of the year can cause a lot of…

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Are You Feeling Sensitive?

Your Woodbridge VA dentist wants to know- are you feeling sensitive? And no, not like you just saw a Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial sensitive…more like your teeth hurt because you just ate something hot or cold, sweet or spicy- sensitive. Sensitive teeth are an issue that the patients of your Woodbridge VA dentist seek a cure to every day- and…

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Bad Holiday Habits

We’re in the midst of one of the biggest holiday seasons around, so it’s no surprise that there will be much more indulging in treats and sweets than usual. Unfortunately, many people don’t think of the consequences when it comes to these meals since the holiday spirit is in full effect. When it comes to bad holiday habits, your Manassas…

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Dental Care and Pregnancy

When pregnant, there are dozens of things that you need to think about in order to maintain your health and your child’s health. While there is no set list of important issues to address, there are a few issues that women fail to take proper care of. One of the greatest examples is dental care during pregnancy. For most women,…

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