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Extract the Bad Tooth

When you hear that you need a tooth extracted from your dentist in Woodbridge VA, you may feel a bit of panic and worry, but there’s no need to fear! Tooth extractions are a fairly common procedure and are done for the benefit of your oral and dental health. Below, we’ll be discussing some of the reasons why you may…

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Spooky Halloween Smiles

Is having National Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween within the same month some kind of cruel joke? You have to wonder if juxtaposing amazing at-home oral health tips with bountiful candy to be eaten is a terrible idea, or actually a great learning experience. Your Woodbridge VA dentist Dr. Taheri thinks the latter of these two. What better time to…

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Ending Dental Anxiety

It is not unusual for the dentists of Taheri Dental Group to work with patients who are fearful of the dental chair. Dental anxiety is a common issue that both children and adults may deal with. It may be embarrassing for patients to admit that they have fears regarding the dental chair and the work they need done to bring…

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How Life-Changing Invisalign can Be

A beautifully aligned smile is the goal of many teenagers and adults. Unfortunately, the idea of repairing the alignment of the dental arch with traditional braces is often what stops these individuals from moving forward with treatment. Metal brackets and wires have been used for years by orthodontists to reposition the teeth, but they come with embarrassment. Patients who have…

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Ask What Your Cleaning Can Do For You

As the top Woodbridge VA dentists, Dr. Taheri and our entire staff offer our patients the best of general, cosmetic and advanced dental procedures on a daily basis. One of the most crucial of these treatments that we offer has to be dental cleanings. These cleanings, which we recommend at least once every 6 months, are crucial not only to…

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A Winning Ticket to a Gorgeous Smile

Just a few minutes online or even out and about in our local area and you are met with overwhelming evidence that we live in a day and age in which appearance is of the utmost importance. Whether or not the value we place on appearance is logical or not, it is where we are in our place in history.…

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The Importance of Dental Visits

Speaking with a dentist in the Woodbridge, VA area about the importance of regular dental visits is the perfect way of educating oneself about their oral health care habits. Some patients do not visit the dentist regularly for cleanings, examinations, and x-rays. These patients take a more laid back approach to their health. This is not recommended, as many problems…

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Why We Smile

Your dentist in Woodbridge VA Dr. Taheri isn’t the only one who loves to see you smile and be healthy… the world does too. The reason we work so hard, day in and day out, to help restore and maintain your oral health is so that you can share that with the world. We know how a smile can not…

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Reducing Dental Rumors

On a daily basis your dentist in Woodbridge VA, Dr. Taheri, answers patient questions in order to help solve common dental problems. And ever since the internet rose to prominence as a source of information, even of the medical variety, patients will self-diagnose and read unsubstantiated rumors and take them as truth. Below we have addressed two common dental rumors…

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Cavity Fighting Candy

A candy that can fight cavities? Sounds a little far-fetched to your dentist in Manassas VA…that’s for sure. We know that when we think of the word “candy”- a sugary, sticky mess usually comes to mind. And that sugar? It feeds the bacteria that live inside of your mouth that cause cavities. Sure- you can brush, floss and eat healthy…

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