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Oral sedatives and its different types

Dentist in Manassas VA offers Oral Sedatives to help conquer your dental fear Most sedation dentist would often suggest oral sedation as compared to other types. Oral sedatives are easier to administer than the IV or Nitrous oxide. Oral sedatives often come in the form of a pill or liquid syrup. The patients must take it an hour before the actual procedure. In some cases, some sedation dentist would often ask their patient to take the sedative a night before the dental procedure. They wanted to make sure that the patient is well-rested and relax before the procedure. There are different types of oral sedatives. Your sedation dentist will choose which type is fit for you.

Herbal alternatives (Homeopathic sedatives)

For patients who are not fond of oral sedation treatment, they can seek for an herbal alternative. Your sedation dentist can suggest a homeopathic dentist to suggest an alternative for you.


This type of oral sedative is the most commonly used in the field of medicine. This is also use as prescribed treatment for psychological conditions like insomnia, anxiety, seizures, insomnia, and etc. Benzodiazepine can decrease anxiety by binding the inhibitory transmitter and its receptors in the brain. It makes the brain less responsive to excitatory stimuli. However, there is a side effect of benzodiazepines. It can make patients forget what happened during the procedure because of it amnesic properties.

Choral Hydrate

Choral hydrates are sedatives often used for infants and children. Some dentist would also substitute choral hydrates with midazolam, which has the same strength with the choral hydrates.  Oral sedatives can be too strong for children. Constant supervision must be done during this procedure to avoid complications.


Although antihistamines are primarily used for allergies, it can also be used as an oral sedative. Antihistamines like Promethazine and Hydroxyzine have a sedation side effect. However, they are less efficient as compared to benzodiazepines.


These are often used as a CNS depressant; however, barbiturates have a stronger sedation effect.  Many sedation dentists do no recommend this type of oral sedative. It can cause severe depression and complications on the lungs and the heart.

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