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History of Your Smile

Your Woodbridge VA Dentist Explains the Progression of Dentistry Over Time

The status of your smile holds a lot of history. Dental care goes further back in time to the Ancient Origins, where the first issues like tooth decay was recorded. Fast-forwarding to the present, protecting your oral care from decay and erosion is simple; having a healthy diet and remembering to brush your teeth twice a day are the major steps to taking care of your teeth. We’ve come a long way within the field of dentistry, working to perfect smiles one day at a time. Below, your Woodbridge VA dentist provides information on some of the earliest mentions of dentistry.

One of the first mentions of dentistry identified an Egyptian scribe named Hesy-Re who was said to work with, or “deal with teeth, and of physicians.” Although they weren’t specifically identified as a dentist, they are often called the first dentist known to man. Moving 1100 years further, Hippocrates and Aristotle, two of the most famous philosophers, write about dentistry, including dental extractions, treatment of decay, and more!

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