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Ending Dental Anxiety

Dentist in Manassas, VA area offers oral sedation dentistry

It is not unusual for the dentists of Taheri Dental Group to work with patients who are fearful of the dental chair. Dental anxiety is a common issue that both children and adults may deal with. It may be embarrassing for patients to admit that they have fears regarding the dental chair and the work they need done to bring their smile back to health. We understand, and we offer a solution: oral sedation dentistry. Visiting a dentist in the Manassas, VA area who offers oral conscious sedation is a great way to have a positive experience at every visit. Oral conscious sedation is a special type of sedation that is administered before patients even arrive at the dental office.

Patients are advised to procure transportation to and from the dental office for their appointment. They are prescribed a medication that is taken approximately one hour prior to arriving, during which they will be calm and relaxed. Patients are completely conscious with this medication and can follow instructions and answer questions. However, their fears are often eliminated, making it easy for both patient and dentist to complete a procedure. Oral conscious sedation can be used for patients who have all levels of anxiety and for all types of procedures—even cleanings and examinations! We want our patients to trust us and know that we can treat them even with severe anxieties. We do not judge—instead, we focus on making it a positive experience for the patient so they continue to have their dental work completed as needed.

If you are seeking a dentist in the area of Woodbridge or Manassas, VA, the Taheri Dental Group can help. We are always accepting new patients in both of our practice locations. Our Manassas, VA area office is located at 10630-B Crestwood Drive and can be reached by calling (703) 330-5578, while our Woodbridge, VA area office is located at 3114 Golansky Boulevard, #101 and can be reached at (703) 583-2800. Our staff of professionals is ready and waiting for your call and to assist you and your family with your dental care needs.

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