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The Dentist: Conquer Your Fear

Dental Anxiety Going to the dentist is far from most people’s’ favorite thing to do. A level of discomfort caused by the dentist is somewhat understandable, right? Who would feel completely at ease with someone else’s hands, potentially holding a sharp object, poking around their mouth? While such anxieties and phobias are natural and understood, they are, for the most part, also unfounded. Going to the dentist is not only not such a big deal, it is an important and necessary part of anyone’s medical routine. Teeth care has been linked by medical professionals to all sorts of health issues, all over the body. This simply means that not taking care of your teeth can affect your body a little more than you might think. With this being the case, it is important for someone who is afraid of going to the dentist to get over this fear, so as to properly care for their teeth the way they should be. Here are some helpful tips to help calm those pre-dentist jitters:

Take a Deep Breath

As cliché as it sounds, taking a deep breath is one of the most effective ways to calm anxiety. Oftentimes when you are nervous about something, your mind can start going a mile a minute, and you psych yourself out by jumping immediately to worst case scenarios. If you can force yourself to take a couple deep breaths and slow down, you can remind yourself that going to the dentist is just a routine medical procedure, and is in actuality not as big a deal as you are making it out to be in your head.

Think About Something Else

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, having a tendency to get in your own head is a major factor in anxiety. If you are nervous about something, you have a tendency to fixate on it, and when you are thinking about nothing else, you once again have a tendency to blow something out of proportion in your imagination. In the hours leading up to your appointment, try listening to music or watching your favorite TV show. You may mind that the appointment has passed much more quickly than you anticipated when you are not obsessively fixating on it in your mind.

Talk to Your Dentist

As radical an idea as this may seem, your dentist is, in fact, a human being too! If you’re suffering from some pre-appointment anxiety, have a conversation with the dentist, or dental assistants. You can talk about anything, related to dentistry or not, even about your anxiety itself. You may find that simply vocalizing your anxiety to the people who may know the most about it can do wonders to ease your nerves. ¬† There you have it. Try these three simple, yet effective tips to decrease any anxiety you may have about going to the dentist. Just remember, your dentist is human too, and he or she is only trying to take care of your teeth!

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