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Cavity Fighting Candy

Dentist in Manassas VA on a Sweet Anomaly

A candy that can fight cavities? Sounds a little far-fetched to your dentist in Manassas VA…that’s for sure. We know that when we think of the word “candy”- a sugary, sticky mess usually comes to mind. And that sugar? It feeds the bacteria that live inside of your mouth that cause cavities. Sure- you can brush, floss and eat healthy to eliminate sugars or these bacteria in your mouth, but sometimes it boils down to more of an environmental issue overall. What we mean is, that just like man has learned to add or remove elements from the land to help raise productivity and health- the same can be done to the mouth.

By adding something like licorice root, for instance, the mouth becomes less ideal for these cavity-causing bacteria to live in- and thus- fewer cavities prevail. Licorice root, and no, not the red licorice you buy in a rope at the movie theatres, has been used for hundreds of years by various civilizations to cure common oral health issues such as this. It is just recently though that a company has created a new sugar-free, licorice root infused candy called “LOLOZ.”

These lollipops, targeted at children, can halt cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth if used as the regimen on the package states. You can find out more about how they do it and where to get them by clicking here: More at Dentalbuzz. No matter the candy you do or don’t put in your mouth, regular appointments with your dentist in Manassas VA are needed to maintain amazing oral health. You can schedule your next visit by calling us at (703) 330-5578 today!

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