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Oral sedatives and its different types

Dentist in Manassas VA offers Oral Sedatives to help conquer your dental fear Most sedation dentist would often suggest oral sedation as compared to other types. Oral sedatives are easier to administer than the IV or Nitrous oxide. Oral sedatives often come in the form of a pill or liquid syrup. The patients must take it an hour before the…

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Partial Vs Complete Dentures: The Key Differences

Dentist in Manassas VA offers Dentures to help you get your smile back Partial and complete dentures are both effective solutions for missing teeth. People are given options of either going partial or going full with their dentures. There may only be two options to choose, but most patients still seem to be indecisive in making their final choice. Knowing…

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Do’s and Don’ts After Tooth Extraction

After getting your tooth extracted, you have to let it heal properly and quickly. Most dental surgeons will give you some after-care instructions. To reduce the risk of infection and dry socket, make sure to follow all the post-operative instructions from your dentist. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts after a tooth extraction. Do’s Get some rest Rest…

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Which areas are prone to cavities?

Though we have our distinct experiences with this ever-disastrous tooth decay, dentists were able to point some areas in your teeth which are more prone to cavity development compared to others. This can be due to the challenge of cleaning an area effectively.   Know these areas so you can be aware where you need focus when flossing and brushing…

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4 Ways to Strengthen Tooth Enamel

White and sparkling teeth is not the sole determinant of a healthy teeth. You can have white and sparkling teeth but with weak enamel. For a healthy mouth, it is important to have a strong tooth enamel. Enamel protects the teeth. Without enamel, your teeth can corrode and fall off quickly.   For you to have a strong tooth enamel,…

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Gingival abscess symptoms and when to receive treatment

Woodbridge Dentist Discusses Gingival Abscess Symptoms Gingivae, commonly known as the gums, are soft tissue linings that seal around the teeth. Healthy gums can resist friction from food or other sources of abrasion making it an effective barrier from bacteria. The intrusion of bacteria may lead to an infection that forms a pus-filled sac. This occurrence is called gingival abscess.…

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Tooth abscess: causes, symptoms, and treatment

A tooth abscess is usually a complication of a dental infection. Bacteria from plaque can infect your teeth through the holes caused by tooth decay. When this happens, the bacteria will infect your teeth’s pulp or gums and eventually result in an abscess. Three types of tooth abscess Gingival abscess Periodontal abscess Periapical abscess Causes A tooth abscess is typically…

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Skip Braces, Check Out Invisalign

Woodbridge, VA area dentist offers Invisalign so patients can avoid orthodontic referrals Patients located in the areas of Manassas and Woodbridge, VA are encouraged to find out about the cosmetic treatments available at Taheri Dental Group. Our dentists offer a wide variety of services to help patients achieve attractive, healthy smiles. When patients are unhappy with the alignment of their…

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Extract the Bad Tooth

A Bad Tooth Goes a Long Way—See Why Your Dentist in Woodbridge VA May Need to Extract a Tooth When you hear that you need a tooth extracted from your dentist in Woodbridge VA, you may feel a bit of panic and worry, but there’s no need to fear! Tooth extractions are a fairly common procedure and are done for…

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Spooky Halloween Smiles

Keep Your Smile Looking Less-Spooky This Oct. 31st Is having National Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween within the same month some kind of cruel joke? You have to wonder if juxtaposing amazing at-home oral health tips with bountiful candy to be eaten is a terrible idea, or actually a great learning experience. Your Woodbridge VA dentist Dr. Taheri thinks the…

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