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Why We Smile

Your dentist in Woodbridge VA Dr. Taheri isn’t the only one who loves to see you smile and be healthy… the world does too. The reason we work so hard, day in and day out, to help restore and maintain your oral health is so that you can share that with the world. We know how a smile can not…

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Reducing Dental Rumors

On a daily basis your dentist in Woodbridge VA, Dr. Taheri, answers patient questions in order to help solve common dental problems. And ever since the internet rose to prominence as a source of information, even of the medical variety, patients will self-diagnose and read unsubstantiated rumors and take them as truth. Below we have addressed two common dental rumors…

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Cavity Fighting Candy

A candy that can fight cavities? Sounds a little far-fetched to your dentist in Manassas VA…that’s for sure. We know that when we think of the word “candy”- a sugary, sticky mess usually comes to mind. And that sugar? It feeds the bacteria that live inside of your mouth that cause cavities. Sure- you can brush, floss and eat healthy…

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National Nutrition Month

With the month of March almost upon us, it’s time to start eating right! While there’s no perfect time, it’s important for all patients to know how your diets affect the status of your teeth, as well. March is National Nutrition Month, where the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics asks if everyone can pay special attention to what we’re actually…

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National Children’s Dental Health Month

In just a few days when February graces us with its presence, it will mark the 75th anniversary of the ADA’s National Children’s Dental Health Month! With your 20109 dentist’s dedication to oral health care for patients of all ages, today we wanted to share with you the new poster promoting the upcoming month- as well as to supply our readers…

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The Heart and Gum Health Connection

For years, doctors like your cosmetic dentist in Manassas VA have been telling patients to always brush twice and floss their teeth daily. Not only does a daily oral health regimen like this help in preventing oral health detriments such as plaque and tartar, but it can also prevent some greater whole-body-health issues as well. What types of issues could link…

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Dental Difficulties on the Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner and everybody is in the holiday spirit! This includes indulging in delicious, wonderful treats that you may not have had a chance to enjoy before. There are some exclusive holiday candies, cakes and more that are calling for your sweet tooth! Unfortunately, overindulging during this time of the year can cause a lot of…

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Are You Feeling Sensitive?

Your Woodbridge VA dentist wants to know- are you feeling sensitive? And no, not like you just saw a Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial sensitive…more like your teeth hurt because you just ate something hot or cold, sweet or spicy- sensitive. Sensitive teeth are an issue that the patients of your Woodbridge VA dentist seek a cure to every day- and…

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Loss of Teeth Linked to Dementia?

Dementia is a condition that affects millions of older Americans per year. Those with dementia exhibit symptoms of forgetfulness, inability to remember long-term information, disorientation, disorganization, helplessness, and more. For those who have loved ones with dementia or who are experiencing dementia themselves, there are obviously certain questions that arise regarding the root cause of dementia. For some medical professionals…

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Smoking and Gum Disease

Let’s be honest. You, as well as every American with a pair of ears have heard that smoking is harmful to your health. Decades of increasingly dramatic anti-tobacco ads have even drilled the specific negative side effects into your brain, and pressure from lobbyists has led cigarette companies themselves to embroider their packs with a neat list of ways their…

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