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Is bone grafting necessary for dental implant?

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Bone grafting is a preparatory step for the procedure of your dental implant. In this process, the gums where the dental implant will be placed are being readied. A surgical operation is done to insert the bone graft into a tooth socket. This graft is expected to help regenerate new bones in the area where it is lost due to the extraction of the natural tooth.

Importance of bone graft

For dental implants to be possible, the jawbone should have enough bone to support them. Bone grafting is the procedure that will make sure that there are sufficient bones needed to mount the dental implants.

These are the common reasons why bone grafting is necessary for dental implants:

Replace damaged teeth roots

A loss of a tooth due to cavities or tooth decay may cause for some of the roots to shrink or resolve over time. The bone graft will replace this loss through a special bone material to regenerate new bones.

Safeguard dental implants for years of use

The longevity of dental implants depends upon the sturdiness of the jaw structure. By the help of bone grafting, your jaw is insured to have a healthy set of bones in them.

Provides solid ground for dental implants

Bone grafting builds a foundation for dental implants. A dental implant is a metal post inserted into the jawbone. This metal post serves as an anchor where an artificial tooth is attached. In order for this anchor to have a strong hold on the jawbone, an adequate number of bones are required. Bone grafting allows for comfortable and secure placement of dental implants in the gums.   If you lack enough bones, what can be done? Literally, nothing. That bone grafting is really necessary for dental implants success. There are other bone augmentations available aside from bone grafting. Your dentist is the only one who can advise you on what option is best for you.

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