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Are You Feeling Sensitive?

Woodbridge VA Dentist on Stopping Sensitivity

Your Woodbridge VA dentist wants to know- are you feeling sensitive? And no, not like you just saw a Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial sensitive…more like your teeth hurt because you just ate something hot or cold, sweet or spicy- sensitive. Sensitive teeth are an issue that the patients of your Woodbridge VA dentist seek a cure to every day- and it usually begins with our diets. After years of sugar and acids eating away at our enamel, microscopic holes can form in the teeth that lead all the way to the nerve at the center of the tooth. It is when any stimuli come into contact with this nerve that you have that unsettling ache in the mouth that is hard to go endure.

Of course, chronic sufferers of teeth sensitivity know it’s not only a cup of coffee or ice water that causes some pain. It can be brushing the teeth too hard or using whitening products, amongst so much more. For a more comprehensive list on some of the items and habits you can try to avoid when your teeth are a-aching, you can reference THIS list by Clicking HERE.

For more information on stopping sensitive teeth pain, schedule an appointment with your Woodbridge VA dentist today by calling (703) 583-2800.

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